Historic Hamilton By Garry L McCallum
Historic HamiltonBy Garry L McCallum 

Coming Back to Hamilton.

Take 2,,
Am gonnie come tae Hamilton in the summer, if ye still hiv summer up there?
Am no gonnie bring anyone wae me, so am jist gonnie walk aboot and stare!
Am only bringin' a wee video camera, n' i'll make a wee documentry instead,,,
Am no gonnie edit it, this recordin', tae see if it matches the wan in ma head,,,
A know thit this great place will be different, bit a know thit a won't realy care,,
A jist know thit ma memory won't fail me, i'll still see the auld "Hamilton" there,,
A kin still see the images of childhood,' they'le be there tae the day thit am dead,,
A know some say it's shite n' it's dead noo,, bit it's the place a wis born n'bred,,,
I'll take photos of the wans thit live there, fae "Burnbank" n' awe ower the place,,,
I'll show others ma video aboot "Hamilton", n' the look on each individuals face,,
I'll bet you a poun if ye see it, or hear thim, each wans different bit jist the same,,
I'm sure ye will agree, thit jist like me, were awe proud tae caw "Hamilton" HAME""

The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.


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