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  • Ted Moore (Tuesday, June 11 19 09:51 pm BST)

    Would like to know if anyone in Burnbank can remember the Empire Bar.I played in a band there in 1967.

  • Rebecca PENTLAND (Wednesday, January 30 19 02:52 pm GMT)

    What a lovely website, great idea! I'm from Reading in Berkshire but some of my family originated from Hamilton and Motherwell. I have traced my ancestors to around 1720 when Hamilton was a village.

  • Bill McNaught (Sunday, November 04 18 05:56 pm GMT)

    Trying to find Greenfield Cottage, Greenbank, Hamilton and its occupants in 1944

  • Rita Greiss (Thursday, October 25 18 03:01 am BST)

    Very interesting site. Do you have any photos of the Cadzow Colliery housing around 19OO-1920?

  • Alison Kissling (Friday, October 06 17 02:54 pm BST)

    Your website is great and I really enjoy reading your stories on the wordpress site! They give me a feel for what Hamilton was list through the years. My name is Alison and my ancestor William Barr was born in 1780 and was a watchmaker living on Muir Wynd. Presumably he died some time in the 1840s but I would love to find out his death date if possible. His wife was Grace Smith and he had many children including a son Wm who went into business with him. His son John went to New Zealand with his sister Margaret in 1842. John is my direct ancestor. After about 10 years of research from the US I have an idea of a date range of Wm Sr.'s death but have no actual evidence. I do have some information about Wm and am happy to share that for your website if you are interested. I was in Hamilton on Sunday for the worlds fastest visit to Hamilton Church and Graveyard on the way to Edinburgh but couldn't find a Barr headstone anywhere. It was pouring down rain and windy so it was pretty hard to look at all of them. My second question if it is possible relates to what I did find. I came across James Curr (born 1768) and his wife Katharine Scott's (born 1768) single headstone while looking and now see the headstone photo is on findagrave. They married in Hamilton in 1790. The Curr family arerelated to the Barr family and went to New York City in the late 1820s or early 1830s including Katherine Scott Currr (listed on the headstone). I know for a fact Katharine died in NYC in 1832 during the cholera epidemic. I am not sure where or when James Sr died but Katharine was listed in NYC as a widow in an1830 directory. Their son James came back to Hamilton in 1832 to marry Janet Somerville and it crossed my mind that he put up this headstone in their honor OR James the father died in Hamilton before the rest of the family immigrated to NYC and James the son had his mother's name added when he went back to marry Janet. Do you know if it is possible to see if this headstone is in their honor rather than an actual grave marker? There are no dates listed on the headstone. I know I have at least two questions in this email relating to two family members so if that is too much feel free to choose one. I am happy to pay someone for this research if that is possible. Thanks for considering my questions!
    Alison Kissling

  • Mary Wood (Wednesday, September 27 17 04:59 pm BST)

    I have a spare copy of the contact , town council publication. The May 1975 edition.... and a few exam papers from St. John’s grammar school 1941. Would you like them. Mary wood..

  • ALISTAIR HEWITT (Tuesday, September 27 16 12:57 am BST)

    Site looks great. Lived on "old" Lorne St in Hamilton until coming to the United States in 1951. Still remember the tenements there. Visited in 2006 and saw they had all been replaced.Look forward to
    more stories and pictures onn the site.

  • Donna Hamilton (Monday, September 26 16 05:58 pm BST)

    I love the look of your website a mix of old and new brilliant. I have family in America who left over 50 yrs ago and I share any photos of Hamilton with them is it possible for them to view this
    site as I know they would love it.

  • James Fitzpatrick (Monday, September 26 16 05:39 pm BST)

    Great idea to have a website , I have followed with great interest all the facebook posts can't wait to it's fully up and running

  • Terry Bouette (Monday, September 26 16 03:27 pm BST)

    Thanks for all the memories,this looks great looking forward to the finished product.

  • Lel (Monday, September 26 16 01:37 pm BST)

    Love history & most of all the history of Hamilton. Keep it coming Garry, I can't wait to read more

  • Jessie Zellas (Monday, September 26 16 01:34 pm BST)

    I moved to Canada from Whitehill over 50 years ago and joined your Facebook page last year. I am just checking out your webpage now. These two sites are unbelievable and I thoroughly enjoying them.
    Brings back many memories of living in Scotland. Loved reading the home page and the origin of Hamilton and certainly am now aware of the history thanks to you. I did find a few typos (spelling) on
    the Origins of Hamilton page and just thought I would mention them to you. STRAIT is mentioned in a few areas and should be STRAIGHT. COAST hundreds of lives should be COST. I hope you don't mind me
    pointing these out to you. Keep up the great work as I am sure it takes a lot of time and effort to create this. The Captcha is very very difficult to read and had to go through quite a few before I
    could get one that was clear enough and then it rejected it. Thanks again.

  • Yvonne higgins (Monday, September 26 16 11:47 am BST)

    Looks great ! Looking forward to more of the same !

  • Maureen Skeffington Chalmers (Monday, September 26 16 11:42 am BST)

    We'll done Garry!
    Huge task so all the best in developing this site - brings a lot of pleasure to lot of people.

  • Dave Hatto (Monday, September 26 16 11:40 am BST)

    Good luck and be patient. Its looking good.

  • Joanne Hendrie (Monday, September 26 16 11:34 am BST)

    The memories, good and not so much, that this site and facebook page have brought back to me are priceless. Keep up the good work and I'll get my mum's photo's out of the biscuit tin in the loft

  • Kit Duddy (Monday, September 26 16 11:33 am BST)

    Historic Hamilton take a bow,
    the finshed article will rate a wow.
    Glad to know that you are there,
    giving back memories we all share.

  • Paul Burns (Monday, September 26 16 11:32 am BST)

    Great site

  • Elizabeth Weaver (Monday, September 26 16 11:16 am BST)

    Went to Hamilton Academy from 1959 - 65 so I love seeing the photos on your website. Well done for keeping the memories of old Hamilton alive.

  • Patricia O'Donnell (Monday, September 26 16 11:12 am BST)

    My grandfather was Walter Gowans, born in the Gowans Buildings in Hamilton. The buildings have long gone, but if there is any information or photos I would love to hear about it. Thanks for this
    lively site.

  • Alison Thompson Messick (Monday, September 26 16 11:07 am BST)

    The site looks great! Can't wait to see it finished

  • Tom Kelly (Monday, September 26 16 11:05 am BST)

    Keep up the good work as somebody who has been away for thirty one years it helps keep me in touch with my hometown

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